Room Share


Got extra space for someone to stay? Want a roommate to lower your hotel fees?

This is where you can find a room,  or a roommate during the ACORN Conference!

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5 thoughts on “Room Share

  1. Shannon Herbert says:

    Do you have extra space in your room for one?

  2. Elaine Eaton says:

    I have a room (2 Queen Beds NonSmoking) at the Holiday Inn Express, Moncton that I cannot use. Nov 20 & 21 are paid for and are not refundable. Total price paid $241.82. Please make me an offer!

  3. I am looking to stay on someones couch who lives near the event I am one of the presenters for the first day so I need to be close by and do not wish to take a hotel room! I would prefer to stay with people from the community.

    Let me know


  4. Shannon Herbert says:

    I have booked a room at the Delta with two queen sized beds. Myself and Emily from Falls Brook Centre are looking for a person or two to share our room and the cost. You can email me at for more info.

  5. Adrienne Gasior says:

    Hi. Looking for 2 or 3 folks to share a room and costs with. Looking for three nights– the 19, 20 and 21. Please email: Thanks looking forwards. (or if someone in town has couch room please email too! I will bring fresh veggies)

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